Why Rustigusto?

We firmly believe in the taste of good and genuine things, certainly a little rustic (but still elegant), which still transmit the pleasure of tradition, and know how to appreciate a raw material of absolute excellence.

We started from our territory, an area dedicated to the cultivation of rice, looking for niche products that represent a true excellence.

Excellencies identified first on our territory, that of Pavia moving then, through the Bel Paese and meeting producers and artisans who, with our own vision, have been willing to match their products to the Rustigusto brand.

This is how our jams, honeys and jams were created in synergy with the producers; the pastes made with Senatore Capelli wheat that have won the 3-star gold at the Superior Taste Award the highest evaluation by the Jury of Michelin-starred Chefs or more simply our Carnaroli rice as well as the integral products directly in our farm.

Yes, because Rustigusto was born from a farm and with this connotation we want to keep it because we always like to remember that good food is made from a raw material that has to be rustic with taste.

And every day we rediscover this characteristic in the work we do in our fields or in the search for producers who know how to enhance their products through research or work in tradition.

We like to think that industrialization does not represent a defect, but that craftsmanship is always a value.

A craftsmanship made of the fatigue and sweat of those who, every morning, live by raising their own animals or cultivating their fields, which with the hard work creates a unique product of its kind.

Barbara Forlini


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